Pheasant Hobbles

Pheasant Hobbles
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You don't have to dizzy the birds to keep them from running. Just clip a hobble on its legs and set it down. They fly better and bust out like wild birds. Hobbles are reusable many times. Greatest thing for training dogs, or having an honest dog trial with birds in the field. Customers, guides, and bird boys will love these hobbles. Once you start using hobbles the word will get out and your business will increase with happy customers. They harvest what they pay for. There is a $10. shipping fee for the first 100. If you order more the shipping is still $10. for all. We furnish these hobbles to many Pheasant Contest if you need any reference ask one of the competitors. If you have any questions Please feel free to give us a call at  217-617-2930 or e-mail us at You get 100 hobbles for $40.Plus 7% tax. this includes shipping. We try to ship the same day the order is placed. Always in stock and ready to ship. If you do not have a Pay Pal account Pay Pal will take Credit Cards. Just Click on Pay and enter your Card number. We do not take Credit Cards over the Phone.

Address if you want to send a check. Make checks to Terry Phillips
3347 215 Ave. Montrose, Ia. 52639


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