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This bird breaster works on Quail, Dove, Pheasant, Chickens, and also snow geese.With the bird breaster you can clean a bird in 10 seconds with no cutters or knives. I can clean a Snow Goose in less than 1 minute. Saves a lot of time and work cleaning birds. We are still using the very first one and it has cleaned over 40,000 birds. We have decided to powder coat our new breasters for a lasting and a care free finish. Once you have used this product you won't want to do it any other way. We will ship UPS and shipping is included in the price of $250. Plus 7% tax.Nothing else needed, no cutters or knives. Always in stock and ready to ship. If you have any question give us a call at  217-617-2930 or e-mail us at



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